My Story

I grew up watching my father in his workshop and experiencing jewelry like any other mean of artistic expression. Thus, the jewelry has become my daily life, media through which I express thoughts, dreams, emotions or concepts - never mere decoration.

I have never liked boundaries and limitations, strict definitions and determinants, so I am glad that I live in time when experiment and research are welcomed. New experiences and innovative things are what I am interested in, no matter what design, art or craft. With so many information and possibilities it is hard to stay focused and do just one thing, but maybe there is no need for that!

Therefore, I explore ancient techniques, process of making and materials, but in the same time some of my pieces are the result of conceptual thinking.

I often give special attention to the textured surfaces and dramatically opposed colors of metals, playing with simple forms and their relation to human body.

During the time, while my art and craft were developing, I changed not just the topics of my thinking but also the way of their expression. So I materialized not only individual pieces but collections as well. Sometimes I just use my hands to celebrate joy of creating, understanding jewelry as wearable art, keeping in mind its important role in personal expression.