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New York, New York...

Posted on Mar 5, 2018

My long awaited dream finally came true in February this year. 50 designers and independent jewelry brands represented themselves at the 2018 exclusive event on Manhattan.  In order to provide the efficient and pleasant visit to all the jewelers, buyers, journalists, stylists and influences, Metal&Smith organization team preselected the list, of both presenters and guests. Being a part of that came with a great honor, as well as the responsibility.

The venue was white and minimalistic, and the display tables were very simple, so that the jewelry and the newest designer collections could be in the spotlight. Different materials and textures, the color of gold, wonderful stones, unique processing ways...all of these were a perfect match to the spirit of NYC - the city where there are no boundaries!

For months I had been overwhelmed with questions like “What should I present myself with?”. Beside the pieces from the trending collections, I could not help but show off my newest pieces featuring rubies and sapphires.  And to be honest, hearing the positive remarks coming from some of the most renowned people from the jewelry world gave me a huge encouragement to continue working on my Corundum collection.

Indeed, there is nothing better than the energy, knowledge and experience fused together in a place like this! This was one extraordinary experience that came with a duty I now have, and that is to seize the opportunities that appeared along my path. To be continued...


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Svaki komad je pravo umetničko delo :)

Katarina Čudić
Mar 12, 2018

Draga Danijela, hvala :-)